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Spray Tan Equipment by Tanning Essentials

Tanning Essentials is an industry innovator, both in original product concepts and in strategic market vision. Product innovation is evident in our Spray Tan Equipment, designed from the ground up with both art and utility in mind, beautiful black with chrome highlights, built solely for the purpose of spray tanning. These are not repurposed light duty spray tanning machines like so many competitors. The total range exhibits sleeker lines, nimbler handling, whisper quiet operation, and the rock solid performance resulting from the years of experience of the Tanning Essentials design team and the standard that others will strive to emulate. Packaged in contemporary retail packaging with allowance made for customisation via an included options box.

Put your own unique stamp on these offerings by adding your own branded solutions, companion products, and accessories to the options box. But the Tanning Essentials equipment story doesn’t end with these two systems. Tanning Essentials innovation is backed by a singular market vision. First, a complete offering of spray tanning equipment, supplies and accessories provides you a one stop shop for those items you need to compliment and support your chosen product brands. Second, with global sourcing and the global reach of the Tanning Essentials brand, you have access to procurement and production from far-flung sources, providing you with efficient, cost effective, high quality, branded goods from a recognised partner. In brief, you are free to build your brand while Tanning Essentials provides the foundational products to support it.

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