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Training Kits

Start investigating where to begin in the world of spray tanning and you may become quickly confused. Whether you’re getting started with a mobile business from home, setting up a professional salon or just updating equipment from the past, we have you covered. Simply pick the combination from one of our kits or build one yourself.

Once you start spray tanning you will quickly learn that over spray can be a real issue. Our range of clean air filter systems keeps operators un-congested as well as minimizes messy over spray created while spray tanning. With clean air filter systems excess tanning solution, in the air is drawn into the four stage filter, designed to reduce mess and ensure that environment is comfortable for the operator and client alike. The units are strong lightweight aluminum, easily installed and operated by technicians.

The development of spray tanning has meant that salons and mobile therapists have to provide a professional environment for the customer to be sprayed, whilst ensuring that any over spray is contained in an area or filtered away.

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